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Our Favorite tips
A resolution solution
“When you get that new digital camera, always take time to check the resolution setting. Most new cameras are set on a mid-range resolution, which is not the highest quality. To ensure that you can create enlargements or edit creatively without quality issues, set your camera to capture the highest resolution. Take a few moments and read your manual – it will really help!”
Gary Y.
Photo Specialist
Clinton, Utah
  A bright idea
“Correct lighting can be the key to great photos. When possible, take outdoor pictures, Keep the sunlight behind you (the photographer) and use your flash. Using your flash in bright light may seem strange, but remember that sunlight can create dark shadows. Using your flash helps eliminate this problem. Many cameras have automatic settings that help detect whether or not to use the flash in sunlight.”
Apphia R.
Photo Specialist
Seattle, Washington
  A matter of perspective
“After 30 years of developing prints, I believe approximately 80% of all shots are horizontal… lots of people forget they can turn the camera vertically to get the tall shot! Try lying down on the floor, or shooting at eye level with the pets or kids. Have fun, climb high and lay low. Practice to see what happens when you shoot the same thing from different angles!”
Nancy B.
Photo Specialist
Bellingham, MA