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Canvas Prints

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Instant artwork

Create gallery-worthy décor and pick up today—no photo needed!

Instant artwork

Create gallery-worthy décor and pick up today—no photo needed!

FREE Same Day Pickup

FREE Same Day Pickup

Split Canvas Prints

Sometimes a perfect photo deserves a completely unique display.

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Save on a beautiful gallery wall: Get 15% off when you create a custom set!

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Canvas Prints FAQ

What is a canvas print?

A canvas photo is a customized image printed onto canvas and stretched onto a frame. Canvas printings make for great wall décor, displaying a special memory. These prints replicate the appearance of original oil or acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.

The canvas material used for reproducing photos is generally a cotton/poly blend and roughly 0.017" thick, weighing between 320 and 340 GSM (grams per square meter). The material includes a printable gesso coating to provide a beautiful matte finish, and to enhance ink receptivity while providing a wide color gamut.

Canvas material often tends to have a subtle texture in order to maintain high image quality. Canvas pictures are printed in our stores using large format inkjet-based Epson printers. These printers print directly onto canvas rolls and have print speed settings available to ensure optimum print quality.

Do canvas prints fade?

Canvas prints are subject to some degree of fading over time. The degree to which they can fade depends on the canvas and ink combination used, the amount of direct UV light the canvas is exposed to, and the environment in which the image is hung. They are more prone to fading if exposed to airborne cooking and cleaning fumes, for example.

Canvas images printed with Epson UltraChrome HD Pigment Ink Technology are expected to have WIR (Wilhelm Imagine Research) Album and Dark Storage Permanence Ratings well in excess of 200 years. Canvas prints exhibit high resistance to atmospheric ozone, have strong water-resistance properties, and are extremely resistant to damage caused by storage or display in high-humidity environments.

While accelerated display permanence tests are still underway, the data accumulated to date indicates that UltraChrome HD pigment inks can provide up to twice the WIR Display Permanence Ratings of previous generations of Epson UltraChrome inks with most Epson photo and fine art papers.

What is canvas photo paper?

Canvas photo paper is a regular photographic paper with a canvas-like texture. Prior to printing, canvas paper gives the appearance of real canvas, although it cannot be stretched. Frame your canvas photo paper with a flat print to give the appearance of real canvas, or mount your print to a thick rigid material with pressure sensitive or liquid adhesives.

Canvas photo paper has a beautiful matte finish, suitable for both dye and pigment inks. The paper typically weighs around 230 GSM (grams per square meter) and is 11mm thick. The backside of canvas photo paper is uncoated printable plain paper.

What do I need to transfer a photo to canvas?

All you need to transfer a photo to canvas is a digital photo file! Create a canvas photo print in our online, app or in-store kiosk product builders. The required resolution will vary depending on the size of the canvas that you want to create. The larger the canvas, the larger the required resolution will be needed to ensure picture quality. Walgreens printer technology will turn your photo file image to canvas.

All in-store canvas products are made by Tracer. All wood used is renewably harvested, and grown in the Southeastern United States. Tracer ensures that all of the wood is used, including saw dust, which is used for horse bedding. Every tree cut down is replaced by 2.5 new trees planted.