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5 Photo Gift ideas for Grandparents Day

The perfect presents when you can’t be there in person.

5 Photo Gift ideas for Grandparents Day
5 Photo Gift ideas for Grandparents Day

From teaching life lessons to spoiling the grandkids like no other, there's no doubt grandparents are some of the most important people in our lives. Grandparents Day is the perfect opportunity to send some extra love their way. The best gift is time together—but if that's not an option this year, you can still honor Grandma and Grandpa from afar. If they're not able to see the grandchildren IRL, photos of their joyful faces can help close the distance. Here are a few of our favorite Photo Gifts that are sure to brighten up their special day. (And if Grandparents Day snuck up on you, we've got you covered—all of these gifts are available for free Same Day Pickup.)

Cute & crafty: 3×3 Photo Cube

A cute gift from the kids, the Photo Cube always tops our favorites list because it's unique and easy to make. You can feature up to five photos on this crafty little box of joy. Choose from tons of designs and add your own message or a special date. They're also fun to stack, so make multiples for playful décor!

Personalized style: Custom Floating Frame

This gallery-style frame offers lots of options so you can make it just their style. You can choose from three different frame colors and several layouts featuring one or multiple photos. Choose a colored backing board, or opt for no backing to give your photo the illusion of floating on the wall—we love how this look adds an artistic accent to gallery walls!

Quick & classic: Wood Panel

An easy-to-make classic, this timeless wood panel looks good in any home. Simple and elegant, it accentuates bright colors and clarity in your photo. We especially love its versatility—you can hang it on a wall or stand it on a tabletop.

Something sentimental: Photo Book

Give a sentimental gift they'll cherish for years. A Custom Photo Book is a beautiful way to share all the little moments that tell a story—plus, you'll get to revel in happy memories while creating it. Highly-customizable, there are so many layouts to choose from and you can add your own text and embellishments to make it truly unique.

Homemade & heartfelt: kids’ art on a Canvas Print

Get creative with a gift from the kids, made with their own two hands. Have your child draw or paint a picture for their grandparents or choose from their existing artwork. Take a photo of their masterpiece and upload it on to a Canvas Print to create a charming work of art.

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