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Cling ideas
If a cling starts to lose its “stick,” just rub it against the carpet or something fuzzy to create static and make it stick again.
Take pictures of your family members at their various activities. Create clings to use as refrigerator-door reminders of the activities on the schedule each day.
Photograph children's artwork and create clings to hang up just about anywhere! Share
them with aunts, uncles, and grandparents, too.
Add a collage of clings to the bathroom mirror They won't fog up!
Place clings featuring articles of clothing on kids' dresser drawers to help them remember where things belong.
Let kids decorate the walls of their room-and even the ceiling!-with images that can be
moved and removed easily.
Fill dorm rooms with photos without putting nails in the walls.
Welcome party guests with clings on the front door matching the theme of your celebration.