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What To Write In Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day is all about sending words of love along to your significant other, friends and family members. But just what words on a Valentine’s Day Card will send the right message to that certain someone? Check out these wording ideas for everyone on your list.

For Your Significant Other

Keep it simple, yet sweet. Go for a classic "Happy Valentine's Day," and then tack on a pet name you know that they'll love like “Sweetheart” or “Honey.”

Borrow a phrase. Find a love poem or quote that inspires you and share it with your sweetheart. Finish things up with the words, "Every time I read this, I think of you. Happy Valentine's Day."

Speak from the heart. Tell your significant other what it is that you love most about them or your time together. You could say, "I love how much you make me laugh” or “I love how you’re always there to brighten my day.”

For Kids

Get a giggle. Add a cute riddle or knock-knock joke to score a smile. You can find many Valentine's Day jokes for kids online.

Go big. Make a bold statement of love that shows just how you feel. Feel free to tie in a special character that your child adores. You might try "I love you to the moon and back again” or "I love you more than Cookie Monster loves Cookies."

For Family and Friends

Say thanks. Use Valentine's Day to show appreciation for that special person. You might say "Thanks Mom for showing me how love never quits” or "Thank you for being the best friend I can always count on. Love ya!"

Send some well wishes. A phrase like "Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with love from the heart and countless sweet treats."

Declare super status. Simply say "Happy Valentine's Day to the best dad ever" or "Happy V-Day to the sweetest sister ever. Period."

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