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Ways to Display Halloween Photos

Ways to Display Halloween Photos
Ways to Display Halloween Photos

Easy Halloween Craft: Spiderweb Photo Display

Keep your memories from Halloweens past in sight with this creepy-crawly wall décor. Super easy, super cute and it only takes 10 minutes!

What you’ll need:

Square Prints



Staple Gun

Masking Tape


Mini Clothespins

Embellishments (optional)

    1. Gather your materials
      • Print your pics Gather your favorite Halloween costume photos from previous years. Upload your photos to the Walgreens app, order your Prints and pick up them up in about an hour. We chose Square Prints because they’re small and symmetrical—perfect for a clean and simple aesthetic.
      • Find a frame Whether it’s store-bought, thrifted or reclaimed from the alley, any frame will do the trick—just pop out the glass!
      • Choose string We opted for satin rattail cord because we liked its spider-y sparkles and web-like strength. Yarn, hemp cord or paper rope works, too.
      • Get clips Find mini clothespins in various colors to hold your Prints in place.
      • Embellishments Pick out some frightful flair. We chose plastic spiders and spider web cotton.
    2. Create your string design
      Lay frame front-side down on a flat surface. Pull string in a zig-zag pattern (or any pattern you prefer) across the frame. Once you are happy with the string placement, use tape to temporarily hold the string in place.
    3. Staple
      Using a staple gun, secure the string to the back of the frame, starting with the first position. Tie off a knot on the first staple for tension. Pull the string taut, staple the second position and so on. Tie a knot on the last staple, and snip off any remaining string with a scissors.
    4. Clip
      Clip photos onto string with mini clothespins. For extra flair, add embellishments like plastic spiders and spider web cotton.