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Tips for Shooting at Summer Festivals

Carnivals, street fests, parades and music festivals are all times to make summer memories. With these photo-shooting tips, you can keep memories alive with stunning photos right on your phone:

1. Do Some People Watching.

Keep an eye out for festival goers that catch your eye and ask if you can snap their picture. You can also take candid photos of large groups enjoying the fun of the event.

2. Choose the Angle and Keep It Steady.

Using an SLR camera and a tripod just isn't practical at summertime events. To take great photos with your smartphone camera, focus on holding your hand steady–use two hands for maximum stability. Try raising the camera over your head or holding it at chest level to test different angles.

3. Get Close to the Action.

When you're shooting performers in a parade or at an arts festival, get as close as you can to focus the shot on the subject. Stray spectators can detract from the image.

4. Enjoy the Moment.

Don't spend the entire day glued to your phone. Take most of your photos when you first arrive and then focus on the fun of the event.

At the end of the event, you can create Prints of your favorite shots easily with our Mobile App. With FREE Same Day Pickup, you'll have your Prints to frame or add to an album in as little as an hour.