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Personalized Wedding Photo Book

You've returned from the honeymoon, sent those thank you notes and are settling into the everyday bliss of newlywed life. It's the perfect time to look back on your wedding day, and creating a Photo Book with your favorite snap shots is a fun way to do it. Selecting photos from all those great shots taken by your photographer, family and friends may seem like an impossible task but these tips will simplify the process.

1. Create While the Memories Are Fresh

As soon as you receive the photos from the photographer, start sorting through both the professional shots and images your guests uploaded to social media. You'll find it much easier to create captions and text while the memories are still fresh. While you wait for the pictures, scan your Save the Dates and any other mementos that you wish to include in the Photo Book.

2. Tell the Tale

Start jotting down special memories from the big day that you’ll want to remember for years to come. These will be perfect anecdotes to include in your Photo Book, like how you felt the first time you tried on your dress to the fun you had on the dance floor.

3. Find Your Photos

When looking through the images the first time, select your favorite first. Go back to your list of memories and make sure that you have shots that reflect all those moments you never want to forget.

4. Start Your Layout

There is no right or wrong way to create your Photo Book. You may choose to arrange the photos in chronological order, by theme or randomly. If you want a jump start on placing the photos, use the auto-populate feature. We'll fill the book with the photos you have selected, and you can then rearrange and edit as you see fit.

5. Complete Your Design

Customize your Photo Book with papers and colors that reflect your tastes and finalize the design. Then, tailor the design to your parents, bridal party members and other VIPs. You may want to add more photos of your extended family to the book for your Mom or place more pictures of the morning of the wedding in the book for your maid of honor. Order as many books as you desire to give as Photo Gifts.

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