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It's the time of year to celebrate that special graduate! Whether you're planning a huge party or a small get-together, you can make the event more special with these personalized graduation party ideas:

1. Design adorable graduation announcements.

Spread the word about your grad's achievement with announcements that you design yourself. You can choose from dozens of options with one or more photographs. Add senior portraits or snapshots from commencement and personalize with your text.

2. Create a hanging timeline.

Track down favorite photos for each year from kindergarten through 12th grade. Order 4×4 or 4×6 Prints and hang them from a string using wood clothespins. Add construction paper stars in the graduate's school colors labeled with the year. Guests will love walking along the timeline and watching your graduate grow before their eyes.

3. Decorate the wall with photos.

Create a statement wall behind the dessert or gift table with personalized Posters and Banners. Choose the sizes that will best suit your available space and finish things off with stars, balloons, tinsel and tassels that match your color scheme. Finish off the table with a print placed in a graduation frame. You can keep the framed picture as a special memento of the day.

4. Make a photo balloon chandelier.

Tie helium balloons in your graduate's school colors to long ribbons. Tape 4×4 Prints to the ribbons, Prints of the grad with friends and family who will be attending the party. Walking through the balloon chandelier will be like a stroll down memory lane.

5. Collect Well Wishes.

Set up a table with a photo on a plain white mat in a simple frame. Place permanent markers nearby and allow guests to add a message. You can also include small slips of paper for longer notes and collect them in colorful gift bags. After the party, you can scan them and place them alongside prints in a Photo Book to commemorate the day.

6. Keep them on schedule.

Want a different kind of guest book? Create a custom Calendar for your grad using pictures from their best memories. At their graduation party, have guests write down their birthdays and well wishes throughout the calendar to give the grad something to look forward to every month.

With FREE Same Day Pickup, you can have your announcements, Prints, Banners and Posters all prepared in time for the party. Start uploading images and designing now to get ready for the big day.