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Mother's Day Photo Book Gift Idea

Looking for a special gift to delight Grandma for Mother's Day? If she can't be there to see your refrigerator art gallery full of your child's latest masterpieces, make a collection of those paintings and drawings just for her. Simply follow these steps to create a Mother's Day Photo Book.

1. Select the Artwork

Gather your little Picasso's artwork all in one place. Have your child select some favorites and choose some of your own top picks..

2. Snap Photos

Scanning images of the artwork will provide the highest quality picture to upload after online or with our Walgreens Mobile App. If you don’t have access to a scanner, use your phone to take images of the artwork lying flat on the kitchen or coffee table. Be sure to center the image well and shoot from over the top for best results..

3. Create Your Layout

Drop the artwork onto the pages. Make the book like a real art show catalog by adding titles and dates to the images. Your child can help you name the masterpieces, or you can come up with fun names yourself.

When the Photo Book is complete, order one for Grandma and one for your own coffee table from Walgreens Photo! We have Photo Books available for FREE Same Day Pickup, so you’re sure to have your special gift in time for Mother’s Day.