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Mother's Day DIY Framed Magnets Gift Idea

Displaying a child's artwork on the fridge is a tradition, but all those papers can get messy. For Mother's Day, give the refrigerator door a makeover with Framed Magnets! Just complete the following steps:

1. Choose Your Masterpieces

Select one or more of your little artist's recent creations. Look for paintings and drawings that are colorful and large.

2. Snap Shots

Place the artwork on your coffee or dining table and snap images with your phone. Be sure to center the image completely. You can experiment with square and standard shooting to see what comes out best.

3. Upload Your Images

Use the Walgreens Mobile App to upload the best shots of the artwork.

4. Customize Your Magnet

Select the 4x4 Framed Magnet or 4x6 Framed Magnet and add your image. Both magnets feature a black plastic frame with rounded corners, turning your child's drawing or painting into a framed masterpiece.

The best part about our Framed Magnets is that you can have them ready to wrap right away with FREE Same Day Pickup from Walgreens Photo. Order for Mom, Grandma and all the other special moms on your shopping list!