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Ideas for First Day of School Photos

Ideas for First Day of School Photos
Ideas for First Day of School Photos

You've purchased all of the items on the teacher's school supplies list. The bookbags and lunchboxes are ready to go, and you have the perfect outfit for the first day all picked out. Now that you're ready for the first day of school, it's time to plan how to commemorate the occasion. Here are three fun ideas:

1. Create a Sign.

On a large chalkboard, write your student's name, grade, age, teacher and a fun fact like what they want to be when they grow up. Snap photos of your child posing beside the chalkboard. Be sure to get 8×10 Prints for yourself and the grandparents to frame and wallet prints to mail to other relatives.

2. First and Last Day Photos.

Have your child stand in a special spot and snap a first day of school photograph. Order an 8×10 Print of the photo and place it in a frame. Then, on the last day of school, take another picture of your kiddo holding the First Day photo. You can then turn this special picture into a Canvas Print to hang on the wall.

3. A Magnetic Series

Take a series of pictures of your child pointing to the left and then to the right as well as up and down. Turn the images into Framed Magnets and use them throughout the year to display artwork, tests and report cards on the fridge.

Our Prints, Canvas Prints and Framed Magnets are all available with FREE Same Day Pickup, so upload via the Walgreens App or online and you can have lasting mementos of the first day of school in your hand in no time!