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How to Word Birth Announcements

How to Word Birth Announcements
How to Word Birth Announcements

When you add a new member to your family, you want to share the good news with the world. Birth Announcements let you do so in a memorable way. Writing the perfect announcement is as easy as one-two-three:

1. Include the Key Stats.

Traditionally, birth announcements include the following information:

- Name
- Birthday
- Weight and length in inches
- Parent or parents' names

You can also include:

- Time and place of birth
- Names of siblings and pets

2. Add a Personal Touch.

Once you have the key information in place, you can add a short line as an intro. Some ideas include:

- With ten little fingers, ten little toes, BABY NAME has arrived in the world.
- We joyously announce the birth of our baby girl/baby boy NAME.
- Thank heaven for little boys/little girls. Welcome to the world...
- The wait is over! BABY NAME has made his/her debut.
- Twinkle, twinkle, little star. We can't express how loved you are.

3. Choose a Card to Match Your Words.

After you have decided on your intro line, look for birth announcements that match the theme. For something sentimental or traditional, you can choose a classic card. Pair a playful or humorous message with a more contemporary or whimsical design.

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