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How to personalize your kid’s learning space
Give them a (Zoom) room of their own with personalized school supplies.

This year's first day of school didn't bring teary-eyed goodbyes (nor the sweet sighs of relief!) as many families bid adieu to tradition in exchange for the new frontier of e-learning. In the time of COVID, all of this teaching and learning and working under the same roof can be daunting, to say the least. But dividing up your space can help. Experts suggest creating a distinct place where "school happens" so kids can stay focused and engaged—and parents stay sane.

Here's how to personalize your child's remote-learning space so they can call it their own—even if you're all sharing the kitchen table.

Set up a work station for each child

Start by setting up their workspace in one consistent spot. It doesn't have to look like a classroom setting—luckily, there are no rules in quarantine—so create their space wherever works best for your child. If they have a desk in their bedroom, perfect. If not, give them a seat at a table where they'll sit every day while doing school work. If you're all sharing a table, give the kids a box or a bin for their school supplies and put their name on it—personalized Stickers make great labels and will give them a sense of ownership, especially if siblings are elbow-to-elbow.

Make it special and fun

You may be officemates now, but kids don't want to spend all day in a boring grown-up space. Fun decor can help them own their Zoom zone. Encourage your child to decorate their work station with artwork, photos and anything else that keeps them inspired. Personalized school supplies will let your kids add a unique touch and express their style. These customizable Notebooks & Journals have tons of fun designs to choose from, and this Desktop Organizer is perfect for holding colored pens and pencils while keeping their space tidy.

Minimize distractions

It's so easy to get distracted when you're staring at a screen all day. Help kids stay focused by eliminating the need to get up and do other things. Keep healthy snacks and plenty of water within reach. A personalized water bottle for their desk just might help them remember to stay hydrated!

Get visual

Help them stay on task with visual organization. A physical calendar or a sticker chart makes it easy for kids to see what they need to accomplish each day and when assignments are due. Have some fun personalizing these Wall Calendars—you can even add photos on special dates like birthdays and holidays. If you're using a sticker chart, add personalized Stickers to track each child's progress for homework and chores. Offer a reward once they've filled up the chart, like a later bedtime (but not too late!) or extra playtime.

Separate school and play

Kids need to separate work and play just like we need to separate work life from home life, especially when it's all happening in the same room. Stick to a consistent schedule of when school starts and ends. At the end of each school day, encourage your child to put their iPad or laptop in a case so it's out of sight and they can focus on play. Putting their device away will also give their eyes a much-needed break from several hours of screen time. This Soft Sleeve for iPad will keep your child's tablet in good condition, plus it's water resistant for extra protection.

P.S. Say thanks!

Teachers miss the kids just as much as we miss the teachers! They're adjusting to this new routine, too, so send them a shout out with a card. Customize a Teacher Appreciation Card and let your child add their own special message.

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