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Floral Wall Décor Ideas

Days are growing longer. Temperatures are climbing. Birds are returning to your yard. All signs point to the arrival of spring, and that means it's time to get out in the garden. This year, you can bring the beauty that comes from all those hours spent with seeds, spade and soil into your home with floral Wall Décor.

1. Capture the Progress

Try to snap a few of the following shots:

Seeds - Take photos of the seed packages or loose seeds before you plant.

Dirt - Shoot the ground, pots or planters after your seeds are planted.

Sprout - Capture the moment those first sprouts break through the soil.

Bloom - Snap pictures of the buds before they blossom.

Flowers - Showcase the full beauty of the blossoms with shots of full booms.

2. Mix It Up

Visit the garden daily at different times of the day to snap more photos to get different lighting effects.

3. Highlight Favorite Flowers

Focus on flowers that will coordinate best with the palette and decorative theme of your living space.

4. Create Your Floral Art

For a formal, elegant presentation, create a collage Canvas Print with your favorite images or a series of Custom Floating Frames to display side by side on the wall. In a casual space, create 8×8 Prints of the photos. Then, place a string of wire on the wall and add your pictures with clothespins.

While you'll need patience to watch your garden grow, you won't have to wait long to see the photographs you snap transformed into Wall Décor. We offer FREE Same Day Pickup on Canvas Prints and 8×8 Prints, so you can have them in your hands in no time.