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Father’s Day Hobby Frame

Photos of the family make great gifts for Father's Day, especially when you give them to Dad in a frame made just for him. Create one for that special man in your life by following these steps:

1. Choose Your Decorations. Round up some small items that remind you of Dad's interests. You can choose fishing lures, golf tees, chess pieces, movie tickets and more.

2. Add Your Decorations. Remove the glass from a simple frame and with a low-heat glue gun, add your decorations to the frame.

3. Finish Up. Apply decorations to the entire frame. Wipe off any excess glue. Let it dry completely before you place it upright and replace the glass.

4. Add a Photo. Slip a Print of the kids in the frame and get ready to surprise Dad.

With FREE Same Day Pickup, you can have Prints to frame in no time. Uploading images is easy from your mobile device or computer.