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Best Ways to Relive Your Vacation

Returning to the daily grind after a relaxing or adventurous trip can bring on a case of the post-vacation blues, but Walgreens Photo can help make the transition back to your everyday world a little easier. Follow these steps to relive the best moments of your vacation and create reminders that will transport you back to that special place and time:

1. Journey back.

Start by going through all the photographs taken during your trip. Find the best shots and then carefully organize them in chronological order. Be on the lookout for those extra special pictures that perfectly summarize your trip.

2. Create wall art.

Browse through those favorite pictures, looking for the ones that would best translate to wall décor. Landscapes, still life, candids and portraits can all bring personality to your décor. You can purchase Prints in an array of sizes for framing or allow Walgreens to create Canvas Prints, Metal Panels or Wood Panels that arrive ready to hang.

3. Tell the story.

With your photos chronologically organized, it's easy to create a Premium Lay Flat Book that tells the tale of the trip. The seamless binding allows you to see each two-page spread from edge to edge as you turn the pages. You can add backgrounds, captions and paragraphs of text to record your vacation memories in the perfect way.

4. Share the fun.

Anxious to tell your friends and family about your trip? Make a PrintBook that you can take with you on the go. Being able to flip through a Photo Book allows people to leisurely enjoy every image, and even make copies to give to those who came along.

5. Send a message.

Turn your favorite picture from the trip into travel-style Postcards to send to your friends and family. You can customize the design with text to add a special greeting.

Vacation memories can live on forever when you turn your vacation shots into Cards, Prints, Books and more for the holidays, all here at Walgreens. Our online design tools make the process quick and fun, and many of our Prints, Premium Stationery and Photo Gifts are available for FREE Same Day Pickup at Walgreens.