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Acrylic Block FAQs

What is an Acrylic Photo Block?

Acrylic Photo Block is a modern and unique home décor product that is perfect for tabletop display. The thick acrylic filters the light on 5 sides, enhancing the photo’s color with a 3D effect.

What size does the Acrylic Block come in?

Walgreens Acrylic Photo Block is 2x2x.94”

How many photos can be included in an Acrylic Photo Block?

Acrylic Block holds one 2x2 photo and comes preassembled when you pick-it up in one of our Walgreens stores.

How can I customize an Acrylic Photo Block?

Your Acrylic Photo Block is customized in store by a Walgreens associate with your favorite photo and is ready for you to pick-up same day.

How do I clean an Acrylic Photo Block?

The easiest way to clean your photo block is with a microfiber cloth (a glasses cleaning cloth). Only use mild soap and water to remove dirt and debris from non-photo side of the block.  Any solvent based product (like a glass cleaner or furniture cleaner) will damage acrylic.

How quickly will this product be ready?

Acrylic block is assembled in store and can be ready for pick-up Same Day!  Or use our Express Local Delivery service to have it sent to your door within 3 business days for only $4.99.