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6 Holiday Photo DIY Card Ideas

With all the tree trimming, shopping and gift wrapping, who has time to visit a photographer during the holiday season? This year, make things simple by creating your own DIY photo cards with digital images you capture with your camera, tablet or smartphone. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

Make Merry

Holiday photos don't have to be staged and perfectly posed. Candid shots of the whole family sharing a laugh can make for one-of-a-kind cards. With candid shots, kids and grown-ups can both feel more relaxed, setting the stage for photos that bring out everyone's personality.

Frosty Fun

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland and turn your photo shoot into family fun! Spread paper or a sheet along the floor and let each family member take a turn kneeling with a handful of faux snow or confetti. Blow it toward the camera and toss it in the air while snapping shots. Then, create a collage of your favorite images.

Break Out a Book

Gather the family and read a holiday-inspired story aloud while someone captures the action. Engage kids by asking them to read different parts, make sounds or identify what's going on in photos. Choose a book with a festive cover to add interest to the pictures.

Wait for Santa

Get the kids dressed up in their pajamas and have them act out different roles, imagining they are waiting for Santa. They can steal a bite of Santa's cookies from a plate beside a glass of milk. Or how about having someone peek up into the chimney? For a comical finishing touch, have the youngest be fast asleep, missing the action.

Doggone Adorable Dress Up

People love to see holiday cards that feature pets! Give your dog or cat a festive look with a hat, collar or full costume and snap some shots. With mini accessories for dolls, small pets can get in on the fun, too. You can even put a gift wrap bow on the fish bowl!

Snuggle Up

Grab a festive blanket and snuggle up for the camera. Instead of the usual straight-on smiling pose, look at one another while your volunteer photographer snaps shots. Use the Christmas tree or the fireplace for a cozy backdrop.

Remember: with collage cards you can incorporate all of these ideas into a single design. Check out the Holiday Photo Cards available at Walgreens that you can combine with your creativity to make holiday greetings that are truly one of a kind.