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3 Photo Ideas for Holiday Cards

You don't have to visit a professional photographer to have pictures taken for your holiday cards. These photo ideas are easy to prepare and pose for and will give you beautiful pictures to show off alongside your greetings for the season:

1. Send a message.

Visit the local craft store and purchase wood or Styrofoam letters that you can paint with festive holiday colors. Choose a word to spell so that each family member can hold a letter, like "Joy" or "Snow" or "Peace." Hold the letters and take a few shots. Have fun with your family members and the message you hold, and be sure to face the camera or each other while posing.

2. Strike a pose.

Bring some photo booth fun to your holiday cards and let each member of the family show off their personality. Make or buy some festive photo booth props and then let each family member have fun and get creative while you take shots. Choose an area with a blank wall or hang a solid-colored sheet or blanket up to serve as a back drop. Then, select one shot for each family member to use in a collage.

3. Keep things cozy.

Purchase matching Christmas jammies for the entire family to recreate the way you'll look on Christmas morning. The comfy clothes will have everyone feeling relaxed and ready to smile. Snap your photo beside the Christmas tree or in front of the mantel by your stockings.

With one of these holiday photo ideas, you can create one-of-a-kind cards online and pick them up the same day at your local Walgreens. Choose an option, get into the spirit of the season, gather the family and smile!