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Its easy to create your story

One reason our photo books are so
popular is they're really easy and fun to
make. All you need to get started are
some favorite photos and a few
Create photo books

Below are some ideas to inspire you
Family Events Speciality
Baby Book Birthday School Yearbook
Kid's Art Wedding Book Team Yearbook
Storybook Graduation Portfolios
Recipe Book Retirement Family Pets
Family Heritage Going Away Seasons
Tribute to Parents Travel Journal Home & Garden
Memorial Favorite Places Hobbies & Interests
Upload photos and scans to Walgreens. More info
Choose a book fromat, size , and theme.
Auto-Fill option automatically add photos to your book- you can still edit photos, layour,text and background.
Take the Photo-book tour for more info!

Tote-sized and fully
customizable ,these books
make great brag books and
unique party favors

Everyday Book
5"x7" paper back
4"x6" or 5"x7"
Mini Book