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Craft ideas from a photo-loving mom
Caroline W. from Bronxville, NY sent us three fun and inexpensive online photo ideas that she's used to make life a little easier...
1. Make party-planning fun, fast and affordable
I have twin boys, so time is money! Last year I sent photo cards as birthday invitations; it took no time, and they turned out perfectly and were cheaper than anything I'd buy in a store. I even had Snapfish mail them for me.

I then used the same photo to make stickers for the kids' goodie bags, and made thank you notes with photos from the party. The other moms were stunned - little did they know that it was easier than trekking to the store and the post office!
2. Use photo stickers to make kids' school stuff stand out
Keeping track of your kids' stuff is tough enough with just one, but imagine twins!
I made photo stickers to help my boys' nursery school teachers identify their belongings. The stickers also help the twins know which lunchbox or coloring book is theirs. The teachers appreciated the gesture, and the boys love seeing their smiling faces on their favorite things.
3. Use photo stickers to make kids' school stuff stand out
I feel like I'm buying baby gifts every other week. I finally figured out that I can avoid the store and give something my friends won't receive from anyone else. When the baby's born, I create a little notepad with the child's name, birthdate, and newborn picture. I love the adorable designs, and they're a steal for the time it saves me and the joy it brings my friends.