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40% OFF Prints, Posters & Enlargements. Get code.

Want to take the best possible photos with your
camera phone? Following a few simple rules can
make a big difference.

Maximize clarity

When you store your photos on Walgreens Photo Center, you can afford to use the highest resolution!

Most camera phones have three settings for resolution: low, medium, and high. Keep your setting on high for maximum clarity. If your phone fills up quickly, free up space by sending your photos to your Walgreens Photo Center account. From your phone, send your photos to

Keep it steady

Reduce blurriness by leaning your phone or hand against a solid object such as a wall, tree, ledge, or any nearby prop.

Get close

If your subject is far away, s/he will appear tiny in the photo. And most cameras either lack a telephoto lens or offer only digital zoom, which degrades photo quality. So get up close and personal, and fill your viewfinder with your subject.

Edit photos later, online

If you discover unwanted background objects in your photo, edit your photo online. It's much easier than doing it from the small screen of your phone. After sending your photos to, you can crop, remove red-eye, add borders and tints, and much more.

Clean the lens

You use your phone all the time, exposing it to dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Clean your lens with a cloth, easily purchased at a photo shop.
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