Resolution warning
If you see a orange triangle next to one or more of the photos in your order, this is a warning that quality of your print or photo item will not be good. To avoid getting a low quality print or photo product that will be blurry and discolored, we recommend not ordering with a photo that has a orange triangle next to it. The warning may appear with digital photos you've uploaded, or with film photos you have cropped using our Photo Fix tools.

Getting good prints and photo products from your digital photos is easy, as long as you follow this simple guideline: high quality digital prints and photo products start with high quality digital images. This means that the digital photo files you upload must be of a minimum pixel size to produce the best possible product. Please refer to this chart to determine the minimum image size you need to produce quality prints and photo products:

Print size Minimum image resolution required
4x6 540x360 pixels
5x7 630x450 pixels
8x10 900x720 pixels
Wallet prints 270x180 pixels
11x14 posters 1260x990 pixels
12x18 posters 1620x1080 pixels
16x20 posters 1800x1440 pixels
20x30 posters 2700x1800 pixels
4x6 passport photos 600x600 pixels
Photo gifts Minimum image resolution required
Apron 1280x1024 pixels
Baby bib 320x320 pixels
Baseball 204x162 pixels
Throw blanket(Americana) 1480x1040 pixels
Throw blanket(Celebration) 1520x880 pixels
Throw blanket(Baby) 1480x1080 pixels
Boxer shorts 640x427 pixels
Calendar 1508x1130 pixels
Coasters, set of 6 480x480 pixels
Commuter mug 640x384 pixels
15 oz snapshot mug 300x210 pixels
17 oz latte mug 300x210 pixels
Cutting board 1688x1238 pixels
Decorative pillow sham 1466x1381 pixels
Diaper bag 1763x1463 pixels
Dog collar 341x227 pixels
Dog leash 341x227 pixels
Frosted Stein 480x360 pixels
Golf towel 640x389 pixels
Mini soccer ball 262x262 pixels
Mouse pad 9.125x8.25 913x825 pixels
Mug(white 11 oz) 720x480 pixels
11 oz snapshot mug 300x210 pixels
11 oz magic mug 300x210 pixels
Neck tie 360x240 pixels
Snowflake Ornament 252x252 pixels
Pet bowl 341x227 pixels
Photo Clings,11x17 1600x1067 pixels
Photo Clings,8x10 900x720 pixels
Photo Clings,5x7 630x450 pixels
Photo Magnets,4x6 540x360 pixels
Photo Magnets,2x3 270x180 pixels
Photo canvas, 8x10 1500x1200 pixels
Photo canvas, 11x14 2100x1650 pixels
Photo canvas, 12x12 1800x1800 pixels
Photo canvas, 16x20 3000x2400 pixels
Photo canvas, 20x24 3600x3000 pixels
Photo canvas, 20x30 5400x3600 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 8x10 1500x1200 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 11x14 2100x1650 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 12x12 1800x1800 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 16x20 3000x2400 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 20x24 3600x3000 pixels
Canvas print with black frame, 20x30 5400x3600 pixels
Playing cards 320x235 pixels
Heirloom ornament(3 pack) 270x210 pixels
Porcelain ornament, filigree 330x285 pixels
Porcelain ornament, flat 390x390 pixels
Puzzle 1000x800 pixels
Puzzle tin 1280x1006 pixels
Scarf 341x227 pixels
Serving tray 1280x845 pixels
Shoulder bag 1500x1388 pixels
Softball 252x210 pixels
Snapshot mouse pad 250x175 pixels
Sweatshirt 1280x1006 pixels
Deluxe t-shirt 1280x1006 pixels
T-shirts 1280x1006 pixels
Teddy bear with Sweatshirt 400x240 pixels
PhotoPanel 5x7 653x473 pixels
PhotoPanel 8x10 923x743 pixels
PhotoPanel 11x14 1283x1013 pixels
Tin with candy 1088x1088 pixels
Tote bag 1280x1280 pixels
Trivet 640x640 pixels
Wall clock 640x640 pixels
Pillow sham 1466x1381 pixels
Pillow case 1650x1100 pixels
Soccer ball 262x262 pixels
Jumbo clock 1350x1350 pixels
Keepsake box 522x522 pixels
Large totebag 1020x1020 pixels
Tin with no candy 1088x1088 pixels
5x7 Easel Panel-Portrait 1088x788 pixels
Case for Galaxy S4 842x542 pixels
Dual-Sided Key Chain 450x450 pixels
Frame Ornament-Portrait 900x675 pixels
11x14 Wall Art 2900x2300 pixels
Case for iPhone® (4/4s) 1398x729 pixels
Case for Note 3 892x600 pixels
Case for Galaxy S3 629x329 pixels
5x7 Easel Panel-Landscape 1088x788 pixels
Christmas Stocking 1800x1103 pixels
Best Dad Water Bottle 1013x582 pixels
Mouse Pad 1170x1001 pixels
Case for Galaxy S5 808x540 pixels
Round Glass Ornament 990x990 pixels
Desktop Organizer 1305x1305 pixels
Case for iPhone 6 Plus 1104x568 pixels
Soft Neoprene Sleeve for iPad® 2350x1826 pixels
Commuter Mug 640x384 pixels
Postcard Ornament 825x600 pixels
11oz Colored Mug, Navy 1238x578 pixels
Elegant Ornament 525x525 pixels
50x60 Tapestry Blanket 3900x3240 pixels
5x7 Metal Easel-Portrait 300000x1088 pixels
5x7 Easel Art 1400x1000 pixels
Leather Key Chain 450x450 pixels
5x7 Metal Easel-Landscape 300000x1088 pixels
11oz Colored Mug, Red 1238x578 pixels
Wood Ornament 990x990 pixels
8x10 Metal Easel-Portrait 300000x1088 pixels
8x10 Easel Panel-Landscape 300000x1088 pixels
Case for iPhone 5C 968x520 pixels
Frame Ornament-Landscape 900x675 pixels
Soft Neoprene Sleeve for iPad® 2350x1826 pixels
Scalloped Metal Ornament 866x616 pixels
Annual Silver Ornament 669x522 pixels
Scalloped Wood Ornament 1299x924 pixels
60x80 Fleece Blanket 5080x3824 pixels
5x7 Easel Art 1500x1100 pixels
IPhone® 5 Plate Insert 713x329 pixels
Plush Fleece Blanket 2440x2040 pixels
Hard Cover with Stand for iPad® 2076x1426 pixels
Porcelain Ball Ornament 1200x1200 pixels
Ladies Camisole Top - med 1000x800 pixels
11oz Colorful Mug, Pink 1238x578 pixels
8x10 Easel Panel-Portrait 300000x1088 pixels
Reusable Shopping Bag 1080x980 pixels
11oz Classic Mug 1238x578 pixels
Hard Cover with Stand for iPad® 2076x1426 pixels
8x10 Metal Easel-Landscape 300000x1088 pixels
Fancy Metal Easel 1450x1012 pixels
Ladies Camisole Top - small 1000x800 pixels
Fancy Wood Ornament 999x999 pixels
Big Picture Mug 1500x699 pixels
Case for iPhone 6 968x520 pixels
Water Bottle 1013x582 pixels
16oz Grande Mug w/Lid 1050x825 pixels
Square Glass Ornament 999x999 pixels
Pewter Ornament-Vertical 450x300 pixels
11oz Colored Mug, Black 1238x578 pixels
60x80 Plush Fleece Blanket 5080x3824 pixels
14 oz Travel Tumbler 2400x1275 pixels
Porcelain Plate 922x922 pixels
IPhone® 4/4s Plate Insert 1398x729 pixels
14x20 Pillow 1548x1116 pixels
Case for iPhone® 5 713x329 pixels
50x60 Fleece Blanket 3900x3240 pixels
Laminated Placemat 1675x1125 pixels
Metal Snowflake Ornament 650x650 pixels
Sherpa Fleece Blanket 2600x2160 pixels
8x10 Easel Art 2100x1700 pixels
Galaxy S3® Plate Insert 629x329 pixels
Beveled Glass Ornament 1050x900 pixels
18x18 Pillow 1404x1404 pixels
Designer Metal Ornament 850x638 pixels
Pillowcase 2400x1650 pixels
Square Bracket Metal Ornament 666x666 pixels
Photo cards Minimum image resolution required
4x8 Photo cards 640x426 pixels
5x7 Photo cards 640x480 pixels
5x7 Postcards 840x600 pixels
4.25x6 Postcards 720x480 pixels
Magazine covers Minimum image resolution required
8x10 Magazine covers 900x720 pixels
Books & Stationery Minimum image resolution required
4x6 FlipBooks 540x360 pixels
5x7 FlipBooks 630x450 pixels
Hardcover MemoryBook    1639x1233 - 1280x1024(+/- 1 pixel)
Paperback MemoryBook    1639x1233 - 1280x1024(+/- 1 pixel)
Set of (3) pocket books    580x435(+/- 1 pixel)
Notebooks 480x480 pixels
Notebooks with full photo cover 1350x1000 pixels
Notepads 370x370 pixels
Stickers 370x370 pixels
Photo stamps Minimum image resolution required
Photo stamps 375x357 pixels
If your photo doesn't meet these minimum image-size requirements, you'll see a orange triangle next to it while ordering. When ordering prints, the orange triangle appears next to the corresponding print size in your shopping cart. To avoid receiving low-quality prints or photo products, we recommend not ordering any products using photos that are marked with a orange triangle.