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iPhone® 5/5s Plate Insert

$9.99 each
Change the look of your smartphone with an interchangeable Plate Insert. This insert is to be used with the original Case for iPhone® 5/5s.
  • Requires black protective piece from our Case for iPhone® 5/5s
  • Metal plate insert produces high-quality image
  • UV resistant, durable and scratch resistant
Delivered to You in 3 -5 business days after processing
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1 plate insert
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iPhone 5 Custom Photo Plate Insert

You have the iPhone® 5 like so many other people that you know, and you’re looking for a way to distinguish the smartphone from all the others. At the same time, you want to protect your phone and keep it safe from nicks, scratches and other damage. With the iPhone® 5 Plate Insert from Walgreens Photo, you can discover a way to personalize your phone while you keep it well protected.

To make your Plate Insert complete, you first need to have the Walgreens Case for iPhone® 5. Consider this product an accessory for your original case, one that allows you to add a personal touch to your iPhone® 5. The black protective piece from your original case is an important part of the iPhone® 5 Plate Insert as well. You can choose an image to feature on your insert, which adds a decidedly personal touch to your smartphone. Gone is the standard black case that everyone has. Instead, you can showcase your personality by creating a Plate Insert that is uniquely yours.

Your choices for your sleekly designed iPhone® 5 Plate Insert are limited only by the photos in your digital library. Browse through your favorite photos, and choose one that you want to display prominently on your iPhone® 5. You may opt to select an image of a scenic spot from your favorite vacation, one that takes you back to more relaxed and serene times. You can feature your family, choosing a photo of your children or even your pet.