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5x7 Folded Photo Card
Colorful Happy Birthday
Design by Walgreens
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5x7 Folded Card

You can create your own traditional 5x7 folded greeting card with help from Walgreens Photo. These traditional cards come in hundreds of custom designs that you can add a personal touch with your own photos to truly create something special. From birthday cards to wedding cards to graduation cards to baby cards, Walgreens photo has the entire life spectrum covered. All you have to do, it truly make the card extraordinary by adding your own touch with the faces of the people that are most special to you.

A lifetime of ideas

With our huge array of 5x7 folded cards, you can capture an entire lifetime of important milestones. Whether you're announcing a baby or a 100th birthday, you can make a special card for the special people in your life with the help from Walgreens Photo. If you have children, many people choose our birthday themes and use photos of their babies. Later in life, they can use graduation photos for graduation announcements or even children's photos. Our photos can give you a personal touch that no store-bought greeting card can match!