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iPhone® 4/4s Plate Insert

$9.99 each
Change the look of your smartphone with an interchangeable Plate Insert. This insert is to be used with the original Case for iPhone® 4/4s.
  • Requires black protective piece from our Case for iPhone® 4/4s
  • Metal plate insert produces high-quality image
  • UV resistant, durable and scratch resistant
Delivered to You in 3 -5 business days after processing
Ship directly to your home
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Quantity Standard (USPS) 2-Day Overnight
1 plate insert
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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

iPhone® 4/4s Plate Insert

Walgreens offers Plate Inserts for the iPhone® 4 and 4s, allowing you to add a personal touch to your phone. If you’re tired of investing in protective cases that do not reflect your personality, now is the time to make a change. First, you’ll need the Walgreens Case for iPhone® 4 and 4s—the black protective piece is an important component to make your Plate Insert work effectively.

With your case in hand, you can personalize your Plate Insert to transform your phone into a product that represents your personality and interests. Choose a photo that you want to look at every day—and share with others—and place that photo on the metal Plate Insert that attaches to the phone. This Plate Insert is very durable, withstanding those seemingly inevitable nicks and scratches that can mar the otherwise sleek appearance of your phone. Even more, the Plate Insert is UV resistant, so it can stand up against the sun’s rays when you are using it outside.

Use the simple Walgreens Photo interface to create and design your Plate Insert to suit your personal taste. After designing your Plate Insert, you will receive it just 3 to 5 business days after your order is processed. Suddenly, your iPhone® 4 or 4s will go from an ordinary smartphone to one that identifies precisely who you are.