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16 oz. Grande Mug with Lid

Only $19.99 per mug
Start each morning with your favorite smiles! This 16 oz. Grande Mug with Lid features a matte finish and spill-proof lid.
  • 16 oz. heavyweight ceramic mug
  • High resolution photo recommended
  • Secure, spill-proof silicon lid for easy travel
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe, hand-washing recommended to preserve photo
Delivered to You in 3 -5 business days after processing
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1 mug
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Custom Photo Ceramic Travel Mug

If you rely on an invigorating mug of coffee or tea to get you through those early mornings, then you know how important a sturdy and reliable mug truly is. However, your trusty mug can be more than just functional—it can also double as a piece of art when you choose the right one. At Walgreens Photo, you can design a ceramic travel mug that features your favorite photo. On those early mornings when you need more than a cup of Joe to wake you up, your personalized mug will instantly get you perky. When you glance down at your favorite photo plastered on your mug—whether it features the tropical destination of your dreams or your smiling spouse or kids—you’ll erase those early-morning blues.

When you’re searching for that perfect photo for your ceramic mug, consider a few things. What image do you want to see every day? What will boost your mood and make you smile? Pick something that’s work and family friendly—you don’t want to be carrying around an embarrassing family photo all day. Search for a high-resolution photo in your library—the higher the quality, the better your photo will look displayed on your ceramic mug.

This substantial mug holds up to 16 ounces of your favorite beverage, and it even comes with a convenient travel lid, so you don’t have to dump the coffee you can’t finish before you leave for work. Instead, just pop on the silicone lid and take your warm beverage—and that favorite photo—with you.