Now there's one more easy way to add photos to your account at Walgreens Photo Center.
Just email them to us, using your mobile phone or computer.

Just captured a memory on your camera phone? You can send the photo to your Walgreens Photo Center account! While viewing the photo, access your options menu, and click 'send.' Then key in In fact, save this email address in your phone, and send us your photos whenever you take them. Then you can store your photos, make prints, share them with family and friends, and create great photo gifts at Walgreens Photo Center. More info

Received a digital photo you'd like to print or share? Email it to us, and we'll add it to your account. Using the email address in your Walgreens Photo Center account, send the photo (as an attachment) to The next time you log in, your photos will be waiting for you!
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